"The experience was a real eye-opener for me. My kendo really could hack it at machi dojo level"

Yu Ding (C

Yu Ding -6th Dan-Beijing

Kendo Tour 2014 & 2015 

" I was not expecting such an inspiring all-round experience. The Kendo was unreal, the scenery and non-Kendo activities were off the beaten track and educational at the same time. Don't get me started on the wonderful food !`

Pawel Szymonczyk

-3rd Dan- Lublin Poland-

Kendo tour 2019 

"I never expected such a  stimulating tour as I don't actually do Kendo! WOW was I wrong! The 2019 tour was full of interesting and enlightening activities. I highly recommend this tour even if you don't step inside a dojo

Graham and Chikae are remarkable, kind and generous hosts. They planned much more than 'a kendo tour'. It was an extraordinary opportunity to visit places in Japan that we would have never gotten to ourselves.There is a possibility we would join you again!`

 Debra Naish

Partner of Kendo crazy

“Being 69 years old, I was concerned about being able to keep up in the Japanese dojos we visited. What I found is that the sensei were incredibly generous in their instruction and encouragement. Experiencing that first mokuso, the intensity of that moment, set the stage for this incredible journey into the essence of kendo.”

Dr. Howard Babus

-4th Dan- California

Kendo tour 2019 

"Both of my Shizuoka Kendo tours with Graham Sensei have been amazing. The 2019 tour especially memorable for reigniting my passion to improve my Kendo."  

Lincoln He 

-2nd Dan- Shanghai-

Kendo tour 2015 &  2019 

"Concerned my experience level was not good enough I signed up with a  little apprehension. That disappeared after the first few minutes of the first practice, super considerate Sensei taking me just far enough out of my comfort zone to ensure improvement, I am saving for the 2020 tour!."  

Rodrigo Enjiu  

-Kyu grade- San Paulo-

Kendo tour  2019 

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