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Two-lifetime kendoka, supported by the Kendo World magazine team, present to you the kendo opportunity of a lifetime:


Take Your Kendo to Japan


On the Kendo Tour, come with us on a journey of discovery by getting off the beaten track to cross swords around Japan with kendoka from all walks of life in several “machi dojo”.


“Machi dojo” are quite simply the lifeblood of kendo in Japan. These are the local neighbourhood kendo clubs that are found in villages, towns, and cities throughout Japan. Members will most likely be of a similar make-up to your club back home, such as business owners, dentists, government workers, teachers, builders, farmers – kendoka just like you! And just like you, they fit their passion for kendo around their busy lives.


The Kendo Tour would like to offer you the opportunity to have a different kendo experience. You will, of course, get to train with experienced 7- and 8-dan sensei, but you will also find shodan to 5-dan kendoka of all ages, men and women, just like at home. Like you, they also enjoy the challenge that kendo offers.

Dates for the 2020 tour                                            

Meet in the late afternoon of Friday April 24 and finish on April 29th (Wednesday mid-morning). Many of us will then go on to Kyoto after the tour to take part in or watch the Kyoto Taikai 

Fri. April 24th ~ Wed. April 29th, 2020

From the first meeting to the final party come to learn more about Kendo and enjoy what Shizuoka Prefecture has to offer  

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